Girls on ClassPass Take on the ClassPass Economy

By Leah Degrazia

Editor’s Note:
Leah Degrazia is half of Girls on ClassPass, a hilarious fitness meme machine. This beautiful and epic rant first appeared in video form on the @girlsonclasspass Instagram story and deserves to be preserved for all eternity in text form so we can all commiserate about the rising cost of fitness classes (and there are many pricier than the one mentioned here). It has been lightly edited for Fixing Fit. Please enjoy.


Okay, really quick, because, you know, I’m really excited to go to [solidcore] for the first time, really excited to try something new—BUT—(sigh of despair) can I just vent about workout class prices for one second?

One class at [solidcore] cost me $40. FORTY DOLLARS. That’s insane. I could buy so many things with $40. I could buy four bottles of my favorite wine. I could buy groceries at Trader Joe’s. I could buy two Fenty Beauty products at Sephora. The list is endless.

I just think that that’s ridiculous, and I want to work out—but at what cost?

I mean, what is at [solidcore] that costs me that much? Do they hand me a fresh-pressed juice at the end? Do they feed me grapes while I bathe in their post-workout hot baths? I need to know. 

And the only deal that they offered for first-timers was a three-class package for $80. But what if I don’t like it, and then I spent $80, which is like basically $100 (listen, I’m not a mathematician, okay?), on a class I don’t like? 

I was also going to sign up through ClassPass, which usually offers a better deal, but this class was 16 credits—which is essentially about $35 anyway—which is basically all the credits I had left for the month. So if I did that, then I can’t work out again for the rest of the month. (Le Sigh.) It’s like the world is telling me I should be sitting on my couch and drinking wine every night. Is it time to give in?

The struggle is real, and prices of workout classes on and off ClassPass are honestly just out of control. Out. Of. Control. *sips wine* Okay, venting over, thank you.


Leah Degrazia is a cofounder of Girls on ClassPass, the Instagram fitness meme account run by two girls struggling to finish their monthly ClassPass credits.



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