About Fixing Fit

Photo by Olivia Jovine

Fixing Fit is a place to discover all the unique ways fitness innovators have found to move bodies, challenge minds and norms, and stay healthy. The Fixing Fit community is all about connecting these new or time-tested methods by instructors, classes, and gyms with fitness enthusiasts, along with emphasizing how easy they are to try and how fun they can be.

Jenny Pierson, founder and executive editor of Fixing Fit, is game to try just about any fitness class NYC has to offer. She enjoys a good trend almost as much as she enjoys debunking a bad one. She is the editor of the book Kettlebell Kickboxing by Dasha Libin Anderson.

If there’s one thing New York is known for, it’s cramming as much as possible into small amounts of time and space. The same is true for NYC fitness. It’s important to step back from the hustle and evaluate if our routines are serving our bodies and minds and to stay curious about how to push to new limits—and for some, this could mean slowing down to avoid a collision course to injury.