Launching Fixing Fit

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We appreciate you.

You are one of the first readers of Fixing Fit. Chances are you’re also a Fixing Fit contributor or supporter too. We’re excited to have you here!

Our Story

Fixing Fit started as a desire to provide editorial services to fitness instructors too busy to write, edit, maintain, and promote their writing. Their excellent advice shouldn’t just be limited to the time and space of a single class—so we’re amplifying it here.

But there are some corners of health and fitness where you don’t have to be an instructor to know what’s good—and what’s bad (dangerous trends, fad diets, the wrong kind of pain and burn you might feel in a workout). So fitness enthusiasts are also welcome to share what makes their workouts tick. And all of this knowledge can be yours, if you’re here and just a little bit curious and open-minded.

Two hundred site names were considered before this one was chosen.

Fitness isn’t broken, but there is plenty about it that could be improved. Our mission is to help fix it—side by side with the do-gooders of the fitness community.

When I started this website about fitness and health, from the conception to the launch, I missed more workouts, meals, and sleep than I have in months. Oh, the irony.

But already, getting to hear about the many ways people choose to spend their time moving their bodies around has been worth it.


Photo by Olivia Jovine.