The Secret Writing Resources Editors Don’t Want You to Know About

The tools of the trade to make your writing look super professional, whether you’re pitching Fixing Fit or somewhere else.

Typo-free writing really can be easier than using this eraser. (Photo by mronduck via Flickr, CC BY 2.0)

Okay, so this headline is a bit of a clickbait lie—most editors would be thrilled if you submitted error-free writing using these tools! And the best part is how automatically you can implement them, making cleaning up your writing a breeze.

Recommended Writing Resources

All of the following are free—or at least the free versions will suit most fitness writing needs:

  • Grammarly: Install to your browser and it will work like Spellcheck in Microsoft Word, checking your writing as you go for typos as you compose in a Google document, email, WordPress, or other online text field. No more embarrassing typos or grammar errors showing up in your published work.
  • Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary: Use this handy website to check where hyphens go, if a word is capitalized in standard English, if a word you think is a word is actually a word…
  • Headline Capitalizer: Plug your headline/title in there, and select the second option (Associated Press style) and it will turn into headline-capitalized without having to consult a style guide. Voila!
  • Plagiarism Checker: This is a touchy topic! I strongly hope this isn’t an issue for you, but if you’re caught plagiarizing (or even accidentally forgetting to include a citation you meant to), it can get you blacklisted by editors—or at least leave a bad taste in your editor’s mouth, which is not what you want when they are editing your work. If you’ve got this nasty habit, copy-pasting the text of your article (in 1,000-word batches) into a plagiarism checker can help catch if your words match something published online so you can add in the citation and do a better job paraphrasing. Bottom line: Just don’t plagiarize, and keep track of your sources every time you copy-paste someone else’s words.

Already got a favorite writing resource you can’t live without not listed here? Contact us and we may add it!